Here is a list of arguments you can use to convince creators to join the DialMe app. Remember that these arguments are ideas for you to adapt and personalize according to the conversation or email you are sending. Use them to encourage a creator to discover and join DialMe by highlighting the platform's unique benefits.

Success Story: Samantha's Journey with DialMe

<aside> 🔥 Samantha, a creator with 4,500 followers on Instagram, has found remarkable success using DialMe to connect with her fans through video calls. By dedicating just 30 minutes a day to calling her fans, she earns an impressive $19,500 every month. What makes Samantha's story even more compelling is that she doesn't have to post any content since DialMe doesn't have a feed. Her success showcases the potential of the DialMe platform for creators looking to engage directly with their audience and generate significant income. Join DialMe today and start your own success story!